Taco Bell® And Crocs Partner for Limited Collection

Taco Bell and Crocs have joined forces to launch the first-ever Mellow Slide limited edition.

Taco Bell and Crocs have joined forces to launch the first-ever Mellow Slide limited edition. This exciting partnership between two iconic brands has resulted in a reimagined version of Crocs’ comfortable Mellow Slides, adding a dash of spice that reminds fans to “Live Más” with every step they take.

The Mellow Slides, known for their simple yet modern design, have been given a vibrant makeover inspired by Taco Bell’s signature colors. The slides feature an ombre-like fade from black to purple, with the words “Live” and “Más” imprinted separately in white within each footbed. These slides are not just perfect for a beach trip or a park hangout, but also for a quick trip to Taco Bell when cravings strike.

Heidi Cooley, Chief Marketing Officer at Crocs, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration delivers on what both of our brands do best—listening to our fans and bringing their ideas to life in fun and unexpected ways.” She further added, “We know it doesn’t get much better than kicking back in comfort with a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, so pairing our Mellow Slide with Taco Bell is the perfect combo!”

While this may be Taco Bell’s first venture into the retail space with Crocs, the fast-food chain is no stranger to such collaborations. In 2019, Taco Bell opened a real-life Taco Shop hotel gift shop in its Palm Springs limited-time pop-up hotel, The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort. The shop offered swimwear, sunglasses, lifesize sauce packet pool floats, and more gear for poolside enjoyment, with the same items available online for those who couldn’t make it to the physical location.

Taylor Montgomery, US Chief Marketing Officer, echoed the sentiment of cultural expression, saying, “Like Taco Bell, Crocs is all about tapping into culture and allowing their passionate fans to express themselves.” He further added, “We tapped into that link between the two brands and we’re pumped to be able to share this exclusive Taco Bell x Crocs Mellow Slide with our fans. We’re always looking for unexpected ways to give back to our Rewards Members and giving them early access to order their own pair of slides feels perfect as everyone gears up for the summer.”

This unique collaboration between Taco Bell and Crocs is a testament to the power of brand partnerships in creating innovative products that resonate with consumers. As the summer heats up, fans of both brands can look forward to stepping out in style with these exclusive Mellow Slides.


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Taco Bell® And Crocs Partner for Limited Collection