HOKA® Soars High with ‘Murmuration’: A Billion-Dollar Brand Campaign

HOKA®, a division of Deckers Brands, has launched its most extensive global integrated marketing campaign to date, titled ‘Murmuration’.

HOKA®, a division of Deckers Brands, has launched its most extensive global integrated marketing campaign to date, titled ‘Murmuration’. This campaign marks a significant milestone for the brand, as it is their first major initiative since achieving the billion-dollar brand status in 2022.

Murmuration‘ expands on HOKA’s ‘Fly Human Fly’ creative platform, which was introduced last year. The campaign spans across various media platforms including owned media, out-of-home, CTV, digital, and paid social channels such as Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The campaign features a captivating 60-second anthem film that explores the concept of ‘murmuration’, a phenomenon where a large flock of birds flies together in intricately coordinated patterns. The film is co-directed by the creative duo Ian Pons Jewell and Leigh Powis and features HOKA elite athletes Jan Frodeno and Adelle Tracy.

Erika Gabrielli, Sr. Director of Global Integrated Marketing at HOKA, expressed her pride in sharing ‘Murmuration’ with the world. She emphasized that the campaign underscores the brand’s belief in the transformational power of movement and celebrates community. It also serves as a love letter to HOKA fans around the globe.

HOKA aims to create a world of infinite possibilities, whether you’re a marathoner, a hiker, or a walker. The campaign celebrates the limitless possibility of flight, empowering all humans to experience joyful movement together.

Jeremy Wirth, Group Creative Director at Anomaly Los Angeles, highlighted the immense creative opportunity that ‘Fly Human Fly’ presented for HOKA. He noted that while HOKA is still building brand awareness, the creative landscape provided a vast canvas for them to work on.

Later this year, HOKA plans to reveal two more campaign films following ‘Murmuration’. The second film will celebrate the launch of Mach X, the next iteration of the brand’s iconic Mach franchise. This race-ready, performance-driven running shoe further solidifies HOKA’s position as a pioneer in the performance category.

The third and final film in the campaign will celebrate Anacapa 2 GTX, HOKA’s most earth-conscious hiking boot to date. Directed by Autumn de Wilde, the film brings beauty and emotion to hiking, while choreographer Ryan Heffington visualizes the joy of hiking through music and movement.

To reinforce the campaign’s celebration of community, HOKA is inviting regional run clubs across the country to join in local HOKA Fly Runs. These events aim to bring people together over the shared love of movement. The first run will take place at the brand’s new pop-up location in Midtown Manhattan, which is the brand’s largest retail location in the US.

In addition, HOKA is proudly donating $100K to Achilles International, an organization that empowers athletes of all ages and ability levels to participate in endurance events. As part of an ongoing partnership with Achilles International, HOKA aims to break down barriers, get more people of all abilities to the start line, and share the joys of movement with everyone.

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HOKA® Soars High with ‘Murmuration’: A Billion-Dollar Brand Campaign