Ugg Launches Regenerative Shoes Collection

UGG®, a globally recognized lifestyle brand based in Southern California, has recently launched its Regenerate by UGG™ collection.

UGG®, a globally recognized lifestyle brand based in Southern California, has recently launched its Regenerate by UGG™ collection. This all-inclusive, sustainability-focused line is crafted using materials from lands managed using regenerative agricultural practices. The fashion industry is deeply connected to agriculture, as raw materials used in creating consumer products often come from farming practices that can destroy the environment.

Regenerative agriculture, on the other hand, aligns farming with nature’s rhythms to restore soil health, promote biodiversity, sequester carbon, and preserve land for future generations. By 2025, UGG® has committed to restoring one million acres of grassland into regenerative farmland. In 2022, the brand initiated a long-term grant with the Savory Institute to bolster regenerative farming practices on sheep farms in Australia. To date, UGG® has contributed to the restoration of 310,000 acres.

Through this five-year commitment, UGG® aims to transform the Australian sheepskin industry by assisting these farms in adopting regenerative practices. The brand continues to explore innovative ways to responsibly source materials and support local communities’ well-being. To introduce the Regenerate by UGG™ collection, the brand collaborated with creators, activists, and changemakers within the regenerative community.

Top Row: Neumel Crafted Regenerate Boot, Classic Mini Regenerate Boot, Campfire Crafted Regenerate Boot; Bottom Row: Scuffette II Regenerate Slipper, Tasman Regenerate Slipper

Marina Testino, a Parsons Fashion Marketing graduate of 2017, has carved out a unique career path in the fashion industry. As a Creator, Connector, and Strategist, she operates within the specialized realm of sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism. Testino’s work is particularly resonant with the new generation of consumers who demand higher social and environmental standards from brands. Her strategic connections and initiatives help guide fashion brands, tech investors, and consumers towards a much-needed overhaul of the fashion industry. Testino’s collaborations span across global brands and organizations such as Green Peace, the United Nations, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. She is also known for her social media campaigns like #OneDressToImpress, where she wore the same suit for 60 days to challenge fast fashion and the stigma of outfit repetition.

Jesse Smith, the Director of Land Stewardship at White Buffalo Land Trust, is a key figure in regenerative agriculture. His innovative farming practices aim to restore ecological balance to food, fiber, and medicine production, enhancing soil health, water cycles, and biodiversity. Smith’s leadership at the 1,000-acre Jalama Canyon Ranch, a working farm, ranch, and conservation site, showcases the power of collaboration in transforming agricultural landscapes.

María Bernad, a Spanish creative based in Paris, has made significant strides in fashion as an influencer, stylist, and founder of ‘Les Fleurs Studio’, an upcycling fashion firm. Bernad’s work with top luxury brands and her unique sense of style have established her as a creative director and stylist for various fashion firms.

Jerome Foster II, a 21-year-old environmental justice activist, is the youngest-ever White House Advisor in U.S. history and Cofounder & Co-Executive Director at Waic Up. He previously interned for the late Honorable John Lewis and served on the DC State Board of Education’s High School Graduation Requirements Task Force.

Zaya Guarani, an Indigenous model and activist from the Brazilian Amazon, uses her international platform to advocate for Indigenous rights and climate justice. As a Kamurape and Guarani Mbya ethnicity member, Zaya has been featured in Vogue Brazil, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. She is also a board advisor for Slow Factory Climate Innovation Hub in New York and works with the United Nations Spotlight Program among other initiatives.

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Ugg Launches Regenerative Shoes Collection