PUMA names A$AP Rocky Creative Director

In a move that blends the worlds of music, fashion, and motorsports, global sports brand PUMA has announced a long-term creative partnership with renowned.

In a move that blends the worlds of music, fashion, and motorsports, global sports brand PUMA has announced a long-term creative partnership with renowned music artist and designer, A$AP Rocky. The announcement, made on October 23, 2023, positions Rocky as the Creative Director for the PUMA x F1 partnership, a role that will see him bring his unique style and cultural expertise to the intersection of sport and streetwear.

This collaboration comes after PUMA announced a long-term partnership with F1, where it became the exclusive licensee and trackside retailer at all races. With a rich history in the sport, PUMA is keen to explore the influence of streetwear and fashion beyond the racetrack. A$AP Rocky, known for his fashion knowledge and style, is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the growing F1 audience.

Rocky’s influence on the brand will be phased, starting with an incubator-style approach termed “in the lab.” This phase will involve creative exploration to determine the future direction of the category. Rocky will contribute to the brand’s visuals and video content for the remainder of the year. His first campaign, which he has been working on behind the scenes as both creative director and producer, explores car culture in America and its impact on streetwear and fashion.

Later this year, fans can look forward to an extremely limited PUMA x F1 collection designed by Rocky. This apparel and accessories collection will provide a sneak peek into a series of capsule collections in 2024 surrounding high-visibility F1 races. In 2024, Rocky will focus his creative attention on several Grand Prix races beginning in Miami. These collections, concepted and designed by him in partnership with the PUMA and F1 teams, will be accompanied by curated activations at each of the races.

ASAP puma
A$AP Rocky named PUMA x F1 Creative Director. Photo Credit: Ryo Sato

By 2025, Rocky plans to immerse himself more fully into the holistic product creative designs for all of the PUMA x F1 product range, spanning from racewear to fanwear to fashion. He will continue to participate in marketing efforts to bring innovative product design and marketing concepts to the category.

Both PUMA and F1 are excited about this partnership. Maria Valdes, PUMA’s Chief Product Officer, expressed her excitement about working with A$AP Rocky, praising his talent and investment in the brand. Oliver Boden, Head of Licensing and Gaming at F1, also echoed these sentiments, stating that Rocky’s creativity and commitment to innovation align perfectly with F1’s vision and development in apparel.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the blending of sports, music, and fashion, and it will be exciting to see how A$AP Rocky’s influence shapes the future of the PUMA x F1 collaboration.

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