FCTRY LAb Launches Second Shoe

Former Head of Yeezy Lab, Omar Bailey is set to launch FCTRY LAb’s second shoe on October 11,2023.

Former Head of Yeezy Lab, Omar Bailey is set to launch FCTRY LAb’s second shoe on October 11,2023. The venture capital-backed footwear innovation lab will release their latest creation – the FCTRY MOCC. This shoe is a unique blend of modern design and ancient inspiration, a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining norms.

FCTRY LAb has a rich history in the footwear industry. Earlier this year, they successfully launched and sold out their debut shoe, the Knight RNR. The FCTRY MOCC is their second offering, with a third shoe, the STMPR, slated for release later in Q4.

FCTRY LAb Desert Jump
Tan MOCC: On the Thar Desert
Shot by: FCTRY LAb & Sumit Dayal

The FCTRY MOCC is a product of diverse cultural influences and cutting-edge technology. Co-founder Omar Bailey, who previously headed the Yeezy-Adidas Innovation Lab, drew inspiration from his journey from rural India to Cody, Wyoming, where he worked with the Yeezy team. The shoe is a nod to the intricate beauty of the Juti from Rajasthan and the rich traditions of Native American cultures.

The shoe features a removable soft sole with an open design for comfort and breathability. A recycled suede-microfiber tie running through the shoe reflects traditional threading practices of indigenous North American cultures.

In line with their innovative approach, FCTRY LAb also took a unique route with the photography and visual documentation of the shoe. Co-founder Abhi Som shared that they hired friends who had shot several Time Magazine covers, specializing in war and disaster, to photograph the shoe in remote Trans-Himalayan landscapes, rainforests in Goa, the Thar Desert, and ancient cities in Uzbekistan.

FCTRY LAb is co-founded by Omar Bailey and Abhi Som, a former finance professional, the company’s mission is to help creators and brands of all sizes make shoes in America. They have created shoes this year with top design and brand partners and a reigning Super-Bowl winner.

The company is backed by a diverse group of venture capital firms, top professional athletes, and angel investors. These include the Co-Founder of Tinder (via Time Zero Capital), Co-Founder of WeWork, the West Coast Head of Warburg Pincus, and a consortium of NBA & NFL stars via Chicago based Aurelien Capital.

The FCTRY MOCC will be available at 9 am PST on Wednesday, October 11th, exclusively on fctrylab.com.

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